• Alicia Graybill

Temptation--It's not just what we write

I just finished writing my novel <b>Bright Moon</b>. Some writers press on with their next work feeling as though a devil was chasing them to Hell. For me, I take a few days off to allow me to switch to another story, another plot line, another pair of lovers.

Cover for my next novel.

I'm still living in a bit of afterglow from "Bright Moon." Ryan Neely, a deputy sheriff in Macawba County, Kansas, goes to investigate a report of strange noises from an abandoned house. What he discovers isn't a lonely, frightened dog, as he suspected, but a green-eyed, black-haired teen (he thinks). Ryan finds himself ashamed to be so attracted to a teen but unable to deny the feelings, he ends up taking the boy to his home. Once the "teen" is showered and fed, Ryan realizes the young man is somewhat older than he thought. He also realizes the young man can't or won't talk so he bestows the name of "Shane" upon him.

This is the start to an insta-love story that is evolving into a five-book series. It's the love story of the human deputy and his Wolf-shifter true mate. The first book introduces the reader to the milieu and to Ryan and Shane. Book two is the tale of the wedding and honeymoon for Ryan and Shane. Book three involves a tragedy that nearly destroys our heroes. Book four helps them begin to heal. Book five resolves the series and finishes happily ever after. I'm tempted to stay in this world for a while longer but I don't think I should.

I've been networking quite a bit on Facebook. Alicia's Loving Lads (my Facebook group ) is LGBTQA friendly and welcomes visits and takeovers from friends. Please drop by and if you like the vibe, join the group.


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